DIY Lap Steel Stand

This Steel Rail Guitars Lap Steel Stand can be made with tools that are available at almost any hardware store for <$50.

The legs can be used for any guitar if you have the space to mount three 3-1/2" diameter pipe flanges and don't mind drilling and mounting to the guitar body.

It is very stable and lightweight (~7 lbs).

The legs are constructed using 3/4" EMT conduit, pipe fittings, and rubber feet.

The parts list, tools, and instructions to make this lap steel stand and legs are below.

Contact me if you have any questions or comments about building your own lap steel stand and legs,
or if you would like to purchase a custom Steel Rail Guitar w/ stand built to your specifications.

It's fun to experiment with different leg designs and heights for sitting down or standing up and performing with the lap steel 😃
The simple design above has one 22 degree bend in each leg, and the legs in the picture below have two 30 degree bends each.


qty description
1 3/4" EMT (electrical metalic tubing) - 10' length
3 3/4" EMT set screw connector
3 3/4" NPT floor flange
3 7/8" ID rubber leg tips
12 #10 flat head sheet metal or wood screws - 3/4" length


tool notes
3/4" EMT pipe bender Some hardware stores and electrical supply companies cut and bend conduit, or borrow a bender for 3/4" EMT from anyone who does electrical work.
hacksaw or tube cutter Some hardware stores and electrical supply companies cut and bend conduit.
pipe wrench or vice-grip pliers This is use to tighten the EMT fittings into the pipe floor flanges.
screwdriver Used to screw the pipe flange fitting to your guitar or stand and tighten the set screw to secure the legs.


Step 1: screw each EMT fitting into a floor pipe flange
I use two wood screws to mount the floor flange to a board that is clamped down for this step. It takes a lot of torque to tighten these all the way down!

Step 2: mount the floor flange to the lap steel stand base or directly to the back of the guitar

Step 3: cut and bend the legs to the desired length
Make sure to have some extra conduit to practice bending if you are doing it yourself and do not have a lot of experience with a tube bender.
The lenghts and bend angle for all three legs should be the same.

Step 4: press-fit a rubber tip on the end of each leg

Step 5: install the leg into the fitting and tighten the set screw to secure the leg to the base.

Step 6: make music 😸

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